NJ state senator abandons GOP 'that has lost its way' — and creates the largest Dem majority in nearly 40 years
NJ state Sen. Dawn Addiego. Image via screengrab.

A New Jersey state senator is flipping from Republican to Democrat — and creating the largest majority for Democrats in the state's Senate since 1981.

The New Jersey Globe reported Monday that state Sen. Dawn Addiego, a member of NJ Senate Republican leadership, is joining the state's Democratic majority in an effort to effect change.

“As gridlock in Washington dominates the news, it has become increasingly clear that in order to effect change you have to be part of the discussion and not on the outside looking in,” Addiego wrote in a statement announcing the party flip. “The people of the 8th district did not elect me to be content in the role of loyal opposition.”

With this move, the South Jersey state senator is making the Democratic majority in the state 26-14 — "giving Republicans the least number of seats since 1981" and creating a "political victory" for Democrats, the report noted.

“My core values that originally drew me to the Republican Party have not changed," Addiego said, "but the party which once echoed the vision of Ronald Reagan no longer exists."

“Oil drilling off our coast and tax policy which unfairly penalizes New Jersey families are just a few examples of a National Republican Party that has lost its way," she added.

Addeigo's move comes days after California Assemblymember Brian Maienschein switched from Republican to Democrat, citing Donald Trump's ruination of the GOP as his reason for flipping.

Read the entire report via the New Jersey Globe.