Presidential candidate Kamala Harris says she has a plan for how to beat Trump at his bizarre game
California Attorney General Kamala Harris speaks at the Center for American Progress' 2014 Making Progress Policy Conference in Washington, District of Columbia, U.S. on Nov. 19, 2014. (Reuters/Gary Cameron)

On Monday, CNN's Jake Tapper interviewed presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) during a town hall. Harris spoke about her prosecutor background and her stance on health care and other major issues.

She also revealed how she plans to conduct herself if given the opportunity to debate President Donald Trump.

"I want to bring in Deb Hansen, a retired dental hygienist from Johnson, Iowa. She's active in the Democratic Party," Tapper said.

"If you would have to debate the current president, how does that conversation go without becoming reactive? How do you stay on your message and not get caught up in his crazy?" Hansen asked.

"First, it's very important that anyone who presents themselves as a leader and wants to be a leader will speak like a leader," Harris answered. "That means speaking with integrity. It means speaking the truth."

"And speaking in a way that expresses and indicates some level of interest and concern in people other than oneself. And so right there we will see a great contrast. And it is about also having some concern for the future of our country," she said.

"We are at an inflection point in the world and in our country. The people of our country, the families of our country, deserve to have leaders who are focused on their needs, their immediate needs, their long-term needs, the hopes and aspirations they have for their children and grandchildren," Harris said.

"And speak to that as opposed to speak to the lowest common denominators and base instincts and speak in a way that is [not] about inciting fear as a distraction from the fact you're getting nothing done except helping the richest people and the biggest corporations," she said.

Watch below via CNN.