Republican strategist admits the GOP should be 'worried' about Kamala Harris because of their woman problem
MSNBC panel (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican strategist Noelle Nikpour explained that the one candidate who should have the Republicans on the run is Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA).

Harris made her announcement official in a speech to supporters Sunday in her hometown of Oakland, California. The Democratic candidate trounced President Donald Trump without mentioning his name, choosing instead to focus on issues.

"They need to be worried about Kamala Harris, because unlike [Elizabeth] Warren," said Nikpour. "Warren, to me, is just kind of a damp fuse, but when you see Kamala Harris, and you see all the fanfare. She's a spark. You're right she's a spark. She is also the most important reason Republicans need to really take a look at her. Because she is going to attract female voters and that is something that the Republican Party acknowledges in meetings, and we know that is our weakness."

Nikpour said that Harris is a completely different candidate than former Secretary Hillary Clinton, calling her "exciting."

"I don't agree with her policy, but as a woman, it is exciting to see this for her," she confessed. "I mean, think about, you know, not just black or white. Think about where women have come, and now we have, you know, a really -- she's a very formidable candidate."

Women have been fleeing the Republican Party in droves as the president continues to lead them down the right-wing hole of anti-women and anti-family policies.

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