REVEALED: Manafort failed to disclose meetings with suspected Russian agent while managing Trump's campaign
Paul Manafort Donald Trump's campaign manager on the floor of the Quicken Arena talking to reporters prior to the start of the Republican National Convention in 2016. (Shutterstock)

Paul Manafort's attorneys on Tuesday submitted a new legal filing filled with botched redactions that revealed some new details about evidence that special counsel Robert Mueller has gathered about the former Trump campaign chairman.

In one section of the redacted filing, Manafort's attorneys concede that Manafort had initially failed to tell investigators about meetings and conversations that he'd had with Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian national who allegedly has ties to Russian intelligence services.

As USA Today investigative reporter Brad Heath writes, the filing says that the conversations that Manafort had with Kilimnik occured "during a period when Mr. Manafort was managing a U.S. presidential campaign."

Mueller is alleging that Manafort lied to investigators about sharing polling data with Kilimnik, and that he also lied about discussing a proposed Ukrainian peace plan with Kilimnik while the two men were staying in the Spanish capital of Madrid.

Manafort's attorneys, however, are claiming that their client simply forgot many of the details surrounding his conversations with an alleged Russian agent and quickly recalled key details of his interactions with Kilimnik after being shown documentation of them by investigators.

Manafort's lawyers also claim that their client has been accused by Mueller of lying about being in contact with the Trump White House in 2018, when in reality he spoke with "a third-party asking permission to use Mr. Manafort’s name as an introduction in the event the third-party met the President."

Read portions of the unredacted filing below.