'Salacious' pee tape dossier dissected by CNN -- and much of it has already been proven true
President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

In an extensive segment, CNN's Jim Sciutto outlined all of the ways that Christopher Steele's notorious dossier has proven to be true, despite President Donald Trump's claims it was all false.

One thing that Robert Mueller's investigation has done is prove that many of the claims in the dossier are true. It began as a dossier paid for by Republicans, but when Trump became the nominee, those who opposed him had to get their fingerprints off of it. They shifted it to a law firm that asked Hillary Clinton's campaign if they wanted to take over the funding of it.

"It includes claims about Trump as well as broader allegations between members of the Trump campaign tied to Russian intelligence," Sciutto explained. "He denied he had any deals in or involving Russia. [But] despite denying it for months, his one-time fixer testified in December that he and Trump were, in fact, negotiating a potential deal that would bring a Trump Tower to Moscow."

Ultimately a signed letter of intent was released for the public to see after Trump's attorney denied such a letter even existed.

"I have nothing to do with Russia, OK?" Trump repeatedly told audiences.

That changed after the release of the letter of intent.

"This here was a very public deal. Everybody knows about this deal," Trump told the press as he was leaving the White House Nov. 2018. "I wasn't trying to hide anything. When I run for president that doesn't mean I'm not allowed today do business. I was doing a lot of different things when I was running."

While he might be allowed to do business, he lied about it to the American people repeatedly. He then sicced his lawyer on the media to lie about it more, until finally, it became obvious. Only then did Trump tell the truth about it.

"Despite Trump's claims over of little to no contact we have learned that in fact, 16 Trump associates had contact," Sciutto continued. "One took place in Trump Tower when Donald Trump Jr. met with several that are offering dirt on Hillary Clinton."

While there are still salacious claims in the dossier that haven't been proven, there is enough in the dossier that has been proven. It begs the question, what else Mueller and other investigations will unfold in the coming months.

Watch the full segment below: