Sarah Sanders deepens Trump feud with Ann Coulter: 'Conservatives who have influence support the president'
Sarah Sanders speaks at a White House briefing (CNN/screen grab)

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took on conservative pundit Ann Coulter during her first briefing since the lengthy government shutdown began.

"The president tweeted over the weekend and said he made no concessions whatsoever but influential conservatives are saying he has made concessions," a reporter noted to Sanders.

The comment potentially alluded to Coulter — a pundit who many believe goaded Trump into shutting the government down after saying she wouldn't support him if he didn't deliver on his border wall promise.

Coulter went on to call Trump "the biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States" on Friday after he signed a stopgap spending bill to temporarily reopen the government for three weeks as he and the Democrats duke it out further over the funding of his border wall.

The reporter then asked the press secretary how Trump's actions, including the signing of the stopgap order, don't constitute a concession.

"The negotiations are still ongoing," Sanders replied. "And I would argue that conservatives who actually have influence have supported the president throughout this process. They believe in border security. They believe in protecting Americans, just like the president, and they stand with him."

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