Scott Walker raked over the coals for his billion dollar Foxconn giveaway after whining about a tax the rich proposal
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) on March 1, 2015. (Fox News)

Ousted Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) opened himself up to a deluge of ridicule and scorn on Twitter Thursday afternoon after attacking Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for a proposal to increase taxes on the wealthy.

Walker's painfully awkward analogy about taxing the rich -- equating it with sharing school grades -- comes just after a multi-billion dollar giveaway of tax dollars to manufacturer Foxconn fell apart -- depriving Wisconsinites of jobs he promised.

On Wednesday, Reuters reported: "Heavily criticized in some quarters, the Foxconn project was championed by former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a Republican who helped secure around $4 billion in tax breaks and other incentives before leaving office. Critics of the deal, including a number of Democrats, called it a corporate giveaway that would never result in the promised manufacturing jobs and posed serious environmental risks."

Less than 24 hours later the former governor -- who notably dropped out of college -- was attacking Warren, a former college professor who specialized in bankruptcy law -- about economics.

In an emoji-laden tweet, Walker wrote: Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Tax is like telling a straight 🅰️ student in high school 📚 that she has to give up some of her grades to the other students. Instead of stealing from her, why don’t we just help everyone else do better 👍!"

Twitter users were quick to remind Walker that he had been "Foxconn'd" into giving away taxpayer money.