Senior intel officials say it's impossible to convince Trump he's wrong about anything: NBC reporter
Donald Trump, photo by Michael Vadon.

Senior intelligence officials have told NBC News national security reporter Ken Dilanian that they have all but given up on trying to correct President Donald Trump's belief in misinformation.

According to Dilanian, these officials say "it's extremely difficult to convince Trump he is wrong about something, no matter how much evidence they can put in front of him." The NBC report then adds that Trump "believes what he believes."

National Intelligence Director Dan Coats directly contradicted many of the president's claims during a Senate hearing this week, as he said that Russia was continuing to try to interfere in American elections, that ISIS had not been defeated, and that North Korea was not moving to dismantle its nuclear weapons arsenal.

Trump, for his part, fired back at his own intelligence agencies on Wednesday morning and said that they were "extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of Iran."

"They are wrong!" the president added.