The View’s Sunny Hostin drops epic rant on Covington Catholic and their Trump-loving students
Sunny Hostin/ABC screen shot

The View's Sunny Hostin was completely appalled by the confrontation that took place between MAGA-hatted white teenagers from an exclusive all-boys private Catholic school and a Native American veteran, and dropped an epic rant on Tuesday condemning just about everyone involved.

"As a practicing Catholic, I just kept on coming back to the same point," Hostin said. "Where were the chaperones? Where were the adults? I thought it was such a teachable moment for everyone there."

Hostin said that the adults had let the teenagers down by letting things escalate.

"You've got the Black Israelites really taunting them, They should have been taught, 'what would Jesus do?' That's what Catholics are taught," she continued, as she described the chaos that ensued. "A chaperone should have said, 'don't engage, don't engage, move along'. Instead, the chaperones told them to start this chant."

Hostin slammed the school for bringing the students to a political event, suggesting it was a violation of federal tax laws, and lit into the student himself, Nick Sandmann, saying his claim that he was "silently praying" didn't pass muster. She also blasted his family for hiring a PR firm to defend their son rather than "teaching him as an adult, 'maybe take some responsibility.'"

"No one is there," Hostin said sadly. "I was disgusted by the entire thing."

Watch the video below.