Trump 'comforts himself' believing can't be impeached -- here's why that's dead wrong: columnist
Donald Trump AFP:File : Brendan Smialowski

One Washington Post columnist on Friday took on Donald Trump's claim that he can't be impeached because he's doing a "great job."

"You can’t impeach somebody that’s doing a great job," the president said during his long-winded, rambling Rose Garden press conference Friday. "That’s the way I look at it."

As the Post's Karen Tumulty noted, such comments are "how the president comforts himself, as impeachment talk among the new House Democratic majority grows louder."

The columnist pointed out that although Trump insists he committed no crimes and touts his presidential achievements, Constitutional grounds for impeachment -- "high crimes and misdemeanors" -- are interpreted and deemed by Congress.

"A president who is doing a good job can still be impeached," Tumulty wrote. "In fact, one was, fairly recently."

She brought up the context surrounding President Bill Clinton's impeachment: "Americans didn’t think Clinton honest or trustworthy. But they thought he was doing a fine job as president."

Voters responded to the GOP's actions with a midterm ouster then, too, when House Republicans lost five seats after rushing "headlong toward impeachment."

"That was the reason then-Speaker Newt Gingrich, who had pushed the impeachment strategy, was forced to resign," Tumulty added.

Clinton survived via "compartmentalization" or staying focused on his job, the columnist noted, "which is something Trump might want to consider now."

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