Trump defender melts down after CNN host busts him for lying about the border wall
Former Trump official Marc Short appears on CNN (Screen cap).

CNN's Alisyn Camerota caught former Trump administration official Marc Short making misleading statements about President Donald Trump's proposed border wall -- and he was not happy about it.

While discussing the supposed need for the border wall, Short claimed that it would be instrumental in stopping illegal drugs from pouring into the United States.

Camerota, however, was ready to correct him with the actual facts.

"We need to be clear, Marc, because what the administration has been telling the American public has been erroneous," she said. "The heroin that is gripping our country comes -- mostly, the vast majority -- through legal ports of entry in tractor-trailers and private passenger cars. And you know what people who want border security are calling for? Those scanners that can pick it up better than those visually waiving the people through. That's what the president should be talking about!"

Short then argued that Trump does want to install scanners at legal ports of entry, but then complained that Democrats have refused to fund them -- even though Republicans were in complete control of Congress for the first two years of Trump's presidency.

Camerota once again called BS.

"Marc, I feel that you are also being misleading," Camerota said.

"I'm not!" Short shouted back.

"The president [talks about] the border wall all the time!" she said. "He's not mentioning these things! He doesn't talk about that!"

Watch the video below.