Trump is getting badly beat on the shutdown -- and it's only getting 'worse and worse and worse': polling expert
President Donald Trump yells at reporters at the White House (Screen cap).

CNN polling analyst Harry Enten said on Monday that recent surveys show that President Donald Trump is getting absolutely thrashed in the public relations battle over the government shutdown.

Reacting to both a CNN poll and an ABC News/Washington Post poll released over the weekend, Enten pointed out that the percentage of Americans blaming Trump and the Republican Party for the shutdown has only been growing in recent weeks.

"His position is getting worse and worse and worse," he explained.

Enten then pivoted to polling results showing that a full 66 percent of Americans oppose Trump's proposed plan to build the wall by invoking emergency powers to bypass the need for congressional approval, while only 31 percent support it.

"This is just disastrous," Enten said. "I just don't understand how President Trump gets out of this... the president has backed himself into a corner."

Host John Berman then asked Enten if he believed Trump was "losing the messaging war" with Democrats on the justifications for shutting down the federal government.

"I think he's absolutely losing the messaging war," Enten said. "The president's job approval rating, which has been so stable... a three-point drop in net approval rating in just a month is a huge drop."