Trump would be in legal jeopardy even if it was an intermediary who told Cohen to lie: MSNBC analyst
Chuck Rosenberg/MSNBC screen shot

Former acting head of the DEA and MSNBC analyst Chuck Rosenberg indicated on Monday that President Donald Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, might be playing semantic games in his recent statement that the president "certainly had no discussions with Michael Cohen in which he told him or counseled him to lie", and that Trump may still face significant legal jeopardy.

"Is there a chance that there might be some sort of evidence that through an intermediary, that Donald Trump wanted Michael Cohen to mislead Congress about the Trump Tower Moscow?" asked host Katy Tur. Admitting that even it was a big if, she continued, "would that be enough to say Donald Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie?"

"Yes," replied Rosenberg. "If you get someone to do something on your behalf that you don't want to do, that could expose you to criminal liability."

"The words you used is the right one: if," he added. "It's a big if, but it would be a very interesting chain of events if that happened."

Watch the video below.