Trump offers words of support for NC Republican accused of election fraud: 'Keep fighting'
President Donald Trump lauded Republican candidate Mark Harris (right), a conservative former Baptist pastor, during an event in North Carolina on Sept. 1, the day of Sen. John McCain's memorial service in Arizona. Credit: Brendan Smialowski/AFP.

,President Donald Trump has reportedly doubled down on his support of a North Carolina GOP congressional candidate who's been accused of election fraud.

Paul Boyd, a reporter for Charlotte, NC's WSOC-TV, reported on Twitter Tuesday that Trump conveyed to candidate Mark Harris a desire that he "keep fighting" amid the election fraud investigation he's the subject of after reports alleged an operative on his payroll collected absentee ballots to sway his election.

WSOC's Joe Bruno added that the message was relayed to Harris by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who said the president made the statement on New Year's day.

Earlier on Tuesday, Bruno tweeted Harris set off a fire alarm while running away from him while he was asking the embattled candidates question about the election fraud allegations.

Harris responded on Twitter by claiming he was "sorry" to have missed the reporters and that he avoided them because he was en route to a football game.

According to the NC state legislature, pulling a fire alarm when there is no fire is a misdemeanor.