Trump ordered a baffled Larry Kudlow to stop a nonexistent Amazon deal during his first week on the job: Ex-WH aide
Larry Kudlow speaks to Fox Business (screen grab)

Former White House aide Cliff Sims' explosive new book, titled "Team of Vipers," has already rocked the Trump White House by portraying it as a chaotic war zone filled with self-serving, backstabbing staffers.

As The Atlantic's Elaina Plott reports, Sims also has a telling anecdote about current Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow learning how to ignore the president's crazy orders from his predecessor, Gary Cohn.

Within just days of starting the job, Sims writes, Kudlow was ordered by Trump to stop a "special deal" that Amazon was supposedly getting from the United States Postal Service, even though no such deal existed.

A flustered Kudlow was then advised by a laughing Cohn to do what he had been doing for months: Ignore Trump.

"Welcome to the White House... it's total bullsh*t," Cohn told Kudlow, according to Sims.

"I shouldn’t do anything about this?" Kudlow asked Cohn, who replied that he should just pretend Trump never said anything to him.

"Now you know why I’m so happy to be leaving," Cohn said, according to Kudlow.

During his tenure as a Trump economic adviser, Cohn reportedly stopped the president from launching a trade war with ally South Korea by stealing documents from his desk, which subsequently caused the president to forget that he'd ever planned to slap Seoul with tariffs in the first place.