Trump slapped with brutal failing grades after his first two years in office
Donald Trump AFP/File / Jim WATSON

According to the editorial staff at Bloomberg, Donald Trump's first two years of being president has been nothing short of a disaster filled with broken promises and failed policies.

In a report card compiled by various contributors, the president was rated using 13 metrics and flopped in nine of them with four receiving what can best be described as a "gentleman's C's."

According to the report, the same expert contributors were asked to go back to metric standards they proposed at the beginning of Trump's administration and see how he has fared.

In a word, Trump has done "poorly."

Leading off, contributor Jonathan Bernstein pointed out that Trump's approval rating has plummeted and his numbers are, in fact, "historically bad."

"Trump’s first year was a public opinion disaster — he was almost always the lowest-ranked president, sometimes even moving up a bit higher as we reached a point in their presidencies where one of his predecessors had slumped," Bernstein wrote, adding Trump's approval had edged up, only to take a drop again due to his disastrous 35-day government shutdown.

Trump also took hits from the experts for a collapsing stock market that has angered Wall Street, and for increasing the deficit ("Trump has the dubious distinction of being the first leader among the Group of Seven --Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, U.K., U.S. -- to see the deficit widen on his watch as a percentage of gross domestic product during a synchronized global expansion.").

The president was also called out for boasting he would "get U.S. multinational corporations to bring back their foreign cash piles," which has mostly been a failure.

While giving Trump credit for spurring growth in manufacturing jobs, Bloomberg's Conor Sen writes that the Rust Belt -- where Trump was surprisingly strong in the 2016 presidential election -- has seen little job gains, which could endanger his 2020 presidential prospects.

"Trump promised an economic turnaround in the four Rust Belt states that flipped red in 2016 — Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. It hasn’t materialized," he writes. "The unemployment rate in all four states was already low; it has since fallen somewhat, just as it has for the country as a whole. Yet there are still no signs of a pickup in the labor force, with the combined labor force in all four states only up slightly over the past two years."

The president also was called out for continually warning there is an "immigrant invasion," when the data doesn't support his claims.

Of even more interest, Americans doing searches looking into moving to Canada have not abated since his shocking 2016 win.

"After a quieter 2017, last summer Americans resumed threatening to move to Canada. Google search queries for 'move to Canada' peaked in late June, reaching levels not seen since the inauguration." Bloomberg's Elaine Ou writes. "A recent Gallup poll confirms this trend, reporting that a record 16 percent of Americans would like to permanently leave the country."

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