Trump will have to 'drag Rudy out of the limelight' as he continues to spiral into confusion: Giuliani biographer
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Fox News (screengrab)

When Rudy Giuliani was U.S. attorney in New York and later mayor, he was "known for his detailed mastery of facts," according to Andrew Kirtzman, author of Giuliani's biography, Emperor of the City.

Which makes Giuliani's confused, conflicting and dishonest defenses of President Donald Trump all the more baffling, Kirtzman said on CNN Tuesday.

Giuliani does not have a conscious strategy to "muddy the waters," Kirtzman said.

"He may be trying to soften the grounds for future revelations. He's botching it so badly he's almost making the case against the president," Kirtzman said. "It's unfortunate. Giuliani was known for his precision. Not to mention his magnificent larger than life heroics. This is a man who still has an honorary knighthood from the British Order. His legacy as the man who rose above 9/11 seems far away now."

He's quoted in a New Yorker piece saying, 'I'm afraid it will be on my gravestone, Rudy Giuliani: He lied for Trump,'" said Harlow. "What changed?"

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin offered his take on Giuliani.

"He has one big problem," Toobin said. "It is increasingly clear that the president lied throughout the campaign about his relationship with Russia, that the negotiations were going on and he said, 'I have no relationship.' The president just handed in these sworn statements in which, presumably, compelled by his lawyers, he told the truth: That these negotiations were ongoing. So Giuliani is trying to do two things. He's trying to say the president didn't lie. But the president did lie."

It remains unclear how long Trump will be able to put up with Giuliani's confusion and admissions, said Kirtzman.

"How long will he continue to be there before he wears out his welcome at the White House?" Kirtzman asked. "Giuliani said at the beginning he was just going to be doing this for a short time. I think way back when he said, oh, he was just there to arrange the interview and get the facts down. Giuliani is now center stage now. They'll have to drag him out of the limelight. Giuliani always wanted to be center of attention... Unfortunately, he's doing it so badly as I said before he's compromising what was once a heroic reputation."

Watch below.