President Donald Trump addressed the nation from the White House Saturday, offering a proposal that would find his border wall while providing short-term relief to some undocumented immigrants.

While the far-right was incensed by the offering, calling it amnesty and comparing Trump to Jeb Bush, more moderate Republicans like Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said they hoped Democrats would not insist on Trump's "unconditional surrender."

On CNN, commentator Symone Sanders pointed out that Trump "was fine signing these continuing resolutions to find these parts of the government that are currently shut down until Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh made a stink about it."

"Democrats and folks that don't identify with any party politically do not understand why he is shutting the government down and holding Americans hostage," she said.

Sanders offered her prediction for when Trump's shutdown would end.

"I think this ends when TSA goes on a strike and then everyone, the president included, is forced to re-open the government and we'll talk about this later, or something catastrophic happens," she said. "Something has to give, and that something is Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell."

Watch below.