Trump’s frustration with nobody funding his wall boils over in Twitter rant against Democrats and criminals
President Donald Trump (Screenshot)

President Donald Trump seems to be growing in frustration as negotiations about his border wall continue to make little progress. The government shutdown has lasted nearly a month and is the longest shutdown in history.

On Monday, the president ranted on Twitter about how vital a wall is for American's safety and called out the Democrats for not putting America first.

"Democrats are kidding themselves (they don’t really believe it!) if they say you can stop Crime, Drugs, Human Trafficking, and Caravans without a Wall or Steel Barrier. Stop playing games and give America the Security it deserves. A Humanitarian Crisis!" he tweeted.

Trump recently set forth a proposal to reopen the government that still ask for billions for his border wall. However, this proposal is expected to fail in the Senate leaving negotiations in a stalemate.