‘Uninformed and amateurish’: ‘Turncoat’ Bill Burton slammed for pushing Howard Schultz spoiler bid on MSNBC
Former Obama administration deputy White House press secretary Bill Burton (screengrab)

One-time Democratic Party political strategist Bill Burton was hammered after appearing on MSNBC's "Meet the Press Daily" to push the third-party presidential bid of billionaire Howard Schultz.

Anchor Chuck Todd pressed Burton on a 2016 column he wrote slamming third-party candidates for potentially electing Donald Trump and the lack of Schultz having any record of engaging in political ballot campaigns in the past.

Trump bragged about goading Schultz into the race to help him get reelected despite his dismal poll support.

On Monday night, Schultz was heckled as an "egotistical billionaire a**hole" for a campaign that is widely seen as helping Trump's reelection efforts.

Burton did not receive much kinder treatment for his appearance. Here is some of what people were saying his decision to work for the billionaire: