Violent Trump supporter attacked attendee at Elizabeth Warren rally in Iowa: Police
A Trump supporter allegedly attacked a supporter of Elizabeth Warren as she held an event in Iowa/Screenshot

A Trump supporter was arrested in Iowa after allegedly hitting an attendee at Elizabeth Warren's rally there, NBC News reports.

The incident happened in Storm Lake, where the Democratic Senator was campaigning for president. According to the report, a Trump supporter "unfurled a Trump banner and began yelling, which led to an altercation with other attendees."

A man attending in support of Warren "tried to pull down the banner," and the Trump supporter allegedly struck him on the head using a selfie stick.

Police said the man was disruptive as Warren was greeting attendees then "became aggressive and attempted to assault others in the crowd."

Police have not yet identified the alleged assailant beyond saying that he is a 58-year-old Minnesota native. According to the report he was quickly handcuffed after the attack and yelled “Trump 2020!” as he was taken to a police car and driven to county jail.

A reporter for the DC Examiner posted a video of the aftermath of the alleged attack and the man's arrest to Twitter. The reporter also said the Trump supporter had been near Warren in the moments preceding the alleged attack.

Watch that video below.