WATCH: Maddow reveals how Trump gets his craziest conspiracy theories direct from the Kremlin
MSNBC's Rachel Maddow (screengrab)

The host of MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show" laid out an in-depth theory that President Donald Trump appears to have a pattern of accepting conspiracy theories that are only propagated by the Kremlin.

Maddow recounted how it seems to have begun only two and a half weeks into the Trump administration -- and has continued into this week.

She said the latest episode, "now turns out to be something maybe more worrying, maybe even worrying to the point where the new Democratic Congress might end up taking a look at this."

Trump's initial conspiracy theory was that Poland may invade Belarus.

"The only people in the whole world who were saying that was a potential problem that people ought to look out for, the only people who were talking about that as a possibility, were Vladimir Putin's government," Maddow reported. "Putin's government at that time was running a military intelligence disinformation campaign to try to mess with Belarus by convincing Belarus that Poland was about to invade them."

"That was a made-up thing that Vladimir Putin was pushing as part of an information warfare offensive against a country that Russia wanted in its orbit -- absolutely obscure and in-fact made up," she noted. "And that is something that senior-level Trump national security aides took up of them arriving at the White House."

The second example was Trump's claim that Montenegro may start World War III.

"The only place on earth that has been pushing any line like that -- that Montenegro is unusually aggressive and will start World War III if allowed to join NATO -- the only place on earth articulating that is the Kremlin under Vladimir Putin," Maddow reported.

"So where did he get that from, right? Who planted that?" the host asked. "Where are you hearing this stuff?"

Maddow explained how it happened again when Trump discussed his views on Russia and Afghanistan during his cabinet meeting.

"Where is the president getting this stuff?" she wondered.

Maddow then interview former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, who brought up additional examples of the pattern.

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