WATCH: Stephen Colbert jokes that Pelosi couldn't fly commercial because TSA is down because of shutdown
Late Night's Stephen Colbert. Image via screengrab.

On Thursday, "The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert joked about President Donald Trump's "petty political" actions towards House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

As she was preparing to leave for an overseas Congressional trip, Trump canceled her visit to the troops. The move was seen as a response to Pelosi asking the president to postpone his State of the Union speech due to the government shutdown.

In his letter to Pelosi, Trump said that if she wanted to take her trip on a commercial flight than that's her "prerogative."

"Although with the shutdown there was no way she would have gotten through TSA anyways," Colbert joked.

Airports have been in turmoil since the shutdown started over three weeks ago.

Watch below.