WATCH: Texas pastor urges followers to stone a 'rebellious' student to death as example to other troublemakers
Jonathon Shelley -- YouTube screenshot

In a YouTube clip unearthed by the Friendly Atheist, a Texas pastor is seen exhorting his flock that the best way to control "rebellious " teens is to take one and stone him or her as a warning to other obstreperous youths.

In the video, Pastor Jonathan Shelley of Pure Words Baptist Church in Houston, rails against teens who refuse to listen before turning to the Bible for advice on how to bring about order.

"[Kids are] going to continue being more rebellious, more mocking, more arrogant, more prideful. You see, it’s never enough," Shelley lamented. "They just want to keep mocking their parents and disobeying their parents. You’ve got to squash out the rebellion in your child."

He then made his suggestion to his flock.

"You know how you could squash rebellion in a public school today?" he asked rhetorically. "Take the rebellious one out and stone him. I bet they’d shape up pretty quick. I bet they’d figure out, 'Maybe I should hearken under the authorities in my life.' And we see, unfortunately, our society is continually destroying itself, because [all of these] rebellious, arrogant, prideful teenage jerks that just don’t want to hearken to their parents, you know, and God said they should be put to death."

In particular, Shelley singled out gamer teens.

"The guy that’s the lazy gamer, 'I don’t want to get a job. I just want to play video games all day and drink alcohol with my buddies,'? That guy should be put to death," the Christian pastor counseled.

You can watch the video below via Facebook. Stoning can be found at the 1:03:30 mark: