WATCH: Tomi Lahren flips out on Fox News after Cardi B threatens to 'dog walk' her
Tomi Lahren and Cardi B (Screen cap).

Fox News' Tomi Lahren flipped out on Wednesday after rapper Cardi B gave her a verbal thrashing on Twitter.

Earlier this week, Cardi B responded to a taunting Lahren tweet by writing, "Leave me alone I will dog walk you," while then following up with a lengthier diatribe against the Fox News personality.

"You’re so blinded with racism that you don’t even realize the decisions the president you root for is destroying the country you claim to love so much," she wrote to Lahren. "You are a perfect example on no matter how educated or smart you think you are you still a SHEEP!"

Appearing on Fox News, Lahren angrily denounced the rapper for threatening to "dog walk" her, which is slang for beating someone up and then dragging them around like a dog.

"To put it simply, I saw that video that she had posted, and, you know, I implied that Cardi B. isn't the person we should be taking our political advice from," Lahren said. "And instead of arguing about the merits of her political argument, she said that she was going to 'dog walk' me! Viewers can look up on Urban Dictionary what dog-walking someone means, but the point, simply, is to severely beat somebody up. So we go from a political disagreement to, 'I want to hurt you!'"

Later in the segment, Lahren angrily told host Steve Doocy, "Can you imagine if I threatened to dog walk Cardi B or anyone else!"

She then complained about memes showing up in her Twitter replies the depict Cardi B walking a leashed Tomi Lahren like a dog.

Watch the video below.