WATCH: Uber driver busted for shockingly racist rant during argument with black passenger
Uber driver uses racial slurs against black passenger (Facebook)

An Iowa woman says her Uber driver used racial slurs and made monkey noises during an argument.

A Facebook user named Kiara White posted video of the confrontation, which shows her arguing loudly with the driver because she said he twice drove the wrong way on a one-way street, reported the Des Moines Register.

The driver eventually asks the woman to get out of the car, and she demands a refund or a ride to her destination.

Another woman riding with White can be heard quietly laughing, and the driver mocks her.

"Ha-ha-ha -- just like a monkey," he says.

White asks if he was a citizen, and the man says he was "f*cking born and raised here," and then he asks if she was born in Mississippi and had moved north to the "slums."

"This is the most racist motherf*cker I ever experienced in my life," she says.

White mocks the man for being apparently unable to read a map, and calls him a clown, and the driver admits to calling her a racial slur.

"Yeah, I called you a n*gger and now you are a n*gger," he says.

The argument continues until they arrive at the woman's destination, and both White and the driver threaten to prevent the other from taking part in the ride-sharing system again.

Uber removed the driver's access to the app, and said his behavior was "appalling."

Police said the incident, which appeared to take place between Davenport and Rock Island, was not reported to investigators.