Authoritarianism expert tears into Trump in new diatribe: ‘We have a Russian asset in the White House’
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin AFP/File / DON EMMERT, Natalia KOLESNIKOVA

Journalist Sarah Kendzior tore into Trump Wednesday on her popular podcastGaslit Nation.’

The writer and expert on authoritarian regimes touched on a variety of topics during the latest episode, including Brexit, and the confirmation of William Barr as attorney general/the installation of Barr's family members into government ("Barr's children are a massive conflict of interest, much as Barr himself is a massive conflict of interest…but no one is there to stop it because Trump and his band of goons are who decides what's a massive conflict of interest," she said).

But things got especially heated at the end of the podcast, when Kendzior minced few words regarding the woeful current state of affairs in the White House.

"We have a Russian asset in the White House,” she stated. “He is backed by an organized crime syndicate."

Kendzior continued on by saying that Trump and his associates have been “giving out and selling classified information and state secrets.”

“We are not going to recover from this easily,” the author added.

Co-host Andrea Chalupa also chimed in, saying:

“Kleptocracy here at home is kleptocracy everywhere,” she said. “You have to fight the battle on your own turf -- and the battle is global now because we live in the 21st century. Foreign policy is domestic policy."

In the new episode, Kendzior hinted that Trump was but a symptom of a much bigger problem.

“The issue is beyond Trump…it is beyond one person,” she said.

“The only antidote is to get information out there,” Kendzior implored, urging her listeners to get more involved and to not simply wait for Mueller’s report to fix what she claims is a far bigger issue of corruption within the United States government.

“You should call on your representatives for impeachment hearings to get this information to the American public….the public is owed this,” she said.

Listen to the new Gaslit Nation episode here.