'Bad news for the president': Fox News analyst explains why Trump could go down in Jeff Bezos blackmail case
Andrew Napolitano appears on Fox Business (screen grab)

Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano on Monday warned that an alleged extortion plot against Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos "could be bad news" for President Donald Trump.

Napolitano made the remarks about Trump's connection to AMI, The National Enquirer's parent company, during an interview on Fox Business.

"Here's the essence of what Jeff Bezos claims," he explained. "He was admonished by AMI's people: 'If you continue your investigation -- wherever it goes -- we will publish more photos of you.'"

"Now that is an act of blackmail," Napolitano insisted. "Because it is an effort to prevent him from doing what he has a right to do by the threat of exposing something."

According to Napolitano, there is suspicion that the White House was involved in the alleged crime.

"Because of the close relationship between [AMI CEO] David Pecker and Donald Trump," he remarked. "I've seen no evidence of this. But that is the implication in the media, that if Jeff Bezos continues with his investigation, that's where it will lead."

Napolitano argued that AMI's threat "clearly was blackmail."

"This is very troublesome for AMI because they signed an agreement with federal prosecutors in the Michael Cohen case," the former judge continued. "They must be as pure as Cesar's wife for the next three years. Otherwise, the agreement not to prosecute them is no longer in place."

"If they are prosecuted for being part of the Michael Cohen conspiracy, [that's] bad news for the president."

Watch the video below from Fox News.