BUSTED: Man at center of North Carolina GOP election fraud scandal caught telling witnesses how to testify
NC GOP operative Leslie McCrae Dowless. Image via Twitter.

McCrae Dowless, the shady GOP operative at the center of the election fraud scandal in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District, has been caught instructing witnesses how to testify in an investigation into his activities in the 2018 midterm elections.

During a public hearing of the North Carolina Board of Elections, witness Lisa Britt testified that Dowless gave her a written note instructing her to invoke the Fifth Amendment when asked about her work for his alleged ballot-harvesting scheme.

"I can tell you I've never done anything wrong in the election, and McCrae Dowless has never told me to do anything wrong," read the suggested testimony given to Britt, as posted by Huffington Post reporter Sam Levine. "But I am taking the 5th Amendment because I don't have an attorney and I feel like you will try to trip me up."

Levine also reports that Britt told the board that she believes that she did do something wrong under Dowless' instructions, although she insists that candidate Mark Harris, whose campaign benefited from the scheme, was completely unaware of what was happening.

Multiple witnesses have so far admitted to improperly taking ballots from voters in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District and giving them to Dowless, who has been convicted of felony fraud charges.