Clergy sex abuse survivor delivers a devastating rebuke of the Vatican for ignoring predatory priests
Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano (L), a former Vatican envoy to the United States, says he told Pope Francis of sex abuse allegations against prominent US cardinal Theodore McCarrick in 2013 AFP/File / VINCENZO PINTO

Clergy sex abuse survivor Juan Carlos Cruz on Wednesday slammed the Vatican, telling CNN that "useless bishops around the world" had ignored reports and allowed the abuse to continue.

Host Alisyn Camerota recalled 2002 when the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston sex abuse scandal broke, and asked Cruz "how can we still be here 17 years later?

"Because we have useless bishops around the world," Cruz replied.

"I heard a Chilean bishop, I've heard a Spanish bishop, I've heard bishops from other places in the world saying, 'well, in 2011 we didn't have protocols' or 'we didn't have elements to deal with situations like this with abuse,'", Cruz went on. "I think you'll agree with me: raping a child, abusing a boy, abusing a girl, vulnerable people, raping women has been wrong before Christ, after Christ, in the Middle Ages, now, and it will always be bad."

Cruz urged the Church to do something about its predatory priests before it was too late.

"You see now it's imploding in Spain, imploding in Peru, just you wait when it implodes in countries in Africa, when it implodes in India, when it implodes in the Philippines, these bastions of Catholicism," Cruz said. "You will see this is just tip of the iceberg, and if bishops don't do something now, it's going to get absolutely out of hand, more than it just is."

Watch the video below.