Comey firing 'triggered a sea change at the FBI’ leading top officials to wonder if Trump was working for Russia: CNN
Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe arrives to testify before the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S. May 11, 2017. REUTERS/Eric Thayer

CNN justice reporter Laura Jarrett said today that former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe's book revealed far more than "turmoil" at the FBI: it revealed that President Donald Trump's decision to fire FBI Director James Comey led top officials at the agency to suspect that the president was indeed in league with the Russians.

"McCabe was not just painting turmoil in general, but he's also really getting to the heart of the matter and how the firing of FBI James Comey triggered a sea change at the FBI," Jarrett said, describing the "stunning" allegations. "Officials were worried about Trump's motivations, namely, whether he was working on behest of Russia as we have previously reported."

Jarrett added that McCabe "had gone a step further" by detailing his conversations with deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein about Trump's fitness for office and avenues for removing him.

"He says Rosenstein raised the idea of wearing a wire to record the president and also they discussed potentially -potentially- recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th amendment to remove the president from office," Jarrett said, adding that the Justice Department's pushback on Rosenstein's behalf was more notable for what it didn't say than what it did.

"They are not saying that [removing Trump] wasn't discussed, but that it was never carried out or it was never serious," she said. "But as you mentioned, McCabe has kept notes.

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