Conservative blasts Republicans' hypocrisy over Trump's power grab
President Donald Trump, pictured February 11, 2019, is widely seen to have suffered politically more than Democrats over the shutdown fight. (AFP/File / Nicholas Kamm)

On Friday, President Donald Trump officially declared a national emergency at the Southwest border. On Monday, the Attorney General of California, Xavier Becerra, said he would sue the federal government if state funds are diverted to federal agencies.

Republicans, meanwhile, were largely silent about what's seen as a massive power grab by the executive branch.

Writing in the Washington Post Monday, conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin denounced Republicans' for supporting the President's declaration of a national emergency. She highlights an interview with Ron Johnson in which he called Democrats hypocrites for not letting the president have his way.

Rubin notes that Republicans would probably not wield accusations of hypocrisy.

"Republicans had a meltdown when President Barack Obama issued an executive order to protect “dreamers," she writes.

"Now, they are copacetic with an even larger power grab, one that preempts Congress’s spending power," Rubin continues. "And though Johnson is “concerned,” the good people of Wisconsin don’t send him to Congress to be concerned; they send him to defend the Constitution, not roll over out of fear that Trump will dash off an angry tweet."

Sen. Lindsay Graham, too, is failing to rein in the President. "No one bests Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), however, in the boot-licking department," she writes.

She has some advice for reporters going forward. "It is incumbent on every interviewer who questions a Republican to have the politician’s previous statements about executive overreach at the ready, grill them on their hypocrisy and ask three basic questions: 1) Isn’t Trump’s overreach the most egregious of all because it aims to supplant Congress’s Article I role? 2) What evidence of an emergency is there, if even Trump says he “didn’t need to do this”?

3.) When President Warren or President Harris declares an emergency, takes money from the military and uses it for measures necessary to protect the country from the cataclysmic effects of global warming, will you give her your approval?"

"It’s certainly not McCain’s GOP," Rubin concludes.