Conservative CNN host unloads epic rant on Kellyanne Conway over fake sexism grievances
Conservative CNN host S.E. Cupp/Screenshot

On Friday night, President Donald Trump's adviser Kellyanne Conway attacked Democratic presidential candidate Corey Booker for being a man, apparently accusing him of sexism for running for president.

"What does Cory Booker have against all the women already running for president?" Conway asked. "Are they not good enough? Too weak?"

On Saturday, conservative CNN host S.E. Cupp responded to Conway's remarks with a broadside in which she accused the Trump loyalist of crying wolf over sexism

"I know Kellyanne is just having fun gaslighting America, seeing what insane lies she can get us to believe, but it's dumb crap like this that diminishes real sexism and makes people less likely to believe women when we say sexism is real," Cupp said.

"She does this a lot," Cupp continued. "Remember when she claimed Anderson Cooper's eye-roll at her was sexist? Senator Mazie Hirono was sexist, in her opinion, for criticizing Brett Kavanaugh? Tim Kaine was sexist for interrupting a debate moderator? Chris Cuomo was sexist for interrupting her. MSNBC, sexist. New York Times columnist Brett Stevens, sexist too," Cupp said. "It's her go-to critique. By the time this is over, I'll be sexist, too. The only thing worse than actual sexism is a woman who uses sexism to shut up her critics."

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