Conservative columnist panicked Trump will be re-elected if Democrats don't come up with a winning candidate
President Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

Conservative columnist George Will is worried about the Democrats.

Like most never-Trumpers, Will is hoping Democrats will nominate a presidential candidate who can reach across the aisle to moderate Republicans and conservative-leaning independents.

In a new Washington Post column, he frets that the party will instead pick someone "loopy" enough to turn off moderates.

"Only Democrats can save this president," Will writes. "They can do so by nominating someone loopy enough to panic voters who are asking only for someone cheerful, intelligent and tethered to reality."

In singling out the brand of Democrat he likes, Will names Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. Many believe Jeffries is poised to become the become the first black Speaker of the House if Nancy Pelosi steps aside.

"Trump’s hope is that Jeffries-style Democrats — those with a Madisonian preference for a presidency proportional to its proper role, which is secondary to that of the First Branch — do not prevail within their party," Will writes.

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