Deutsche Bank's denial of Trump loans linked by MSNBC panel to son Eric boasting about Russian financing
Donald Trump, pointing at his sons Donald Trump, Jr and Eric Trump (Twitter)

During a panel discussion on MSNBC's AM Joy, host Joy Reid and two prosecutors made the case that investigators should look into a report that Donald Trump was unable to float a loan at Deutsche Bank in 2016, and tie it to his son, Eric, boasting the family received loans from Russian interests to purchase golf courses.

Speaking with former prosecutors Jill Wine-Banks and Cynthia Alksne, Reid pointed to a New York Times article that stated that the bank refused to loan Trump any more money while he was running for president.

According to Alksne, the whole idea of that Deutsche Bank was staying away from Trump in 2016 was laughable because the bank is a known launderer of Russian money.

"Let me say, Deutsche Bank was worried about their reputation?" she smirked. "I mean, come on. Deutsche Bank's reputation is in the gutter and they were worried about being associated with Donald Trump, that gave me a giggle."

According to the former prosecutor, it would be hard to figure what was going on with the Trump Organization in 2016 without seeing the president's tax returns which he has refused to release.

Connecting the dots, host Reid brought up an interview with Eric Trump who confessed to a golf magazine journalist that the family was able to purchase Turnberry Golf Course with Russian money.

"In 2013 [Eric Trump] told him the company's golf properties were funded by Russians," Reid explained. "Eric Trump has since denied making the comment. But we know during the campaign Donald Trump borrowed money for golf properties. Deutsche Bank lent the Trump Organization more than $100 million to finance the 72-hole Doral Golf Resort."

"The Wall Street Journal was reporting Trump's 2016 financial disclosure showed 16 loans from Deutsche Bank, and a significant portion of debt came from 2012 mortgages, one valued at more than $50 million, another $5 million and $25 million for the Trump National Doral," she continued. "If Trump needs that much money and has that much debt -- as a prosecutor does that become part of the trail you follow to figure out if he was in collusion with Russia or conspiracy?"

"Of course," Alksne replied. "Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) made it clear he thinks he needs to look into Deutsche Bank for the obvious reasons you have stated. "

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