DL Hughley turns Smollett story back on Trump: If you're an 'old white guy' and you lie 'you become president'
D.L. Hughley appears on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah/Screenshot

On Thursday, comedian and activist D.L. Hughley sat down with CNN's Chris Cuomo to talk about the double-standard surrounding Jussie Smollett's scandal.

Smollett has been accused of orchestrating a hate crime against himself and falsifying a police report.

Hughley explained the impact that hate and violence have in the country. Hughley said that President Donald Trump has used bigotry to benefit himself and that it works because he is a white guy.

"When you use racism, bigotry, hate, and lying for your own selfish ends, you get indicted. If you do it when you're an old white guy you become president," he said.

"There's enough monsters out there for real that we don't have to make any up. And white supremacy is at a high," he said. "It's interesting that the president would focus more on the kid that orchestrated a fake attack but not a white supremacist with an actual attack."

"So it's amazing that we're more enamored by something imaginary than something real," he said.

Watch below via CNN: