'Embarrassing for the country': Reporter roasts Pence for being greeted with silence after mentioning Trump
Mike Pence speaks to ABC News (screen grab)

Reporter Jonathan Allen told MSNBC on Monday that Vice President Mike Pence's chilly reception in Europe among longtime allies was a national humiliation for the United States.

After MSNBC host Hallie Jackson played a clip of Pence waiting in vain for European officials to applaud Trump's name while in Germany over the weekend, Allen said he never imagined a top American official being given the silent treatment like this.

"This is the Munich security conference and the president of the United States not getting even a clap, not even a polite golf clap, this is unheard of," he said. "It's embarrassing for the country."

Allen went on to say that the contempt for Trump shown by Europeans was symbolic of a massive decline in America's reputation that is reflected in polling numbers around the world.

"There are not a lot of our longtime allies that feel good about us at all, and specifically feel good about our president in any way, shape or form," he said. "[They didn't] give even polite applause to the vice president upon mentioning greetings from the president!"

Watch the video below.