Ex-Republican Rick Wilson predicts GOP officials will 'double and triple down' on Trump trusting Putin over the US
Rick Wilson on MSNBC- screenshot

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace had a message for the right-wing propaganda machine during her Monday show: Get off the Titanic now! But former Republican Rick Wilson said he doesn't anticipate any Republicans abandoning President Donald Trump or the right-wing any time soon.

"I predict we will see them double and triple down," Wilson said.

"On what? A guy who didn't believe America on North Korea?" asked a shocked Wallace.

The comments came after reviewing the "60 Minutes" video of Andrew McCabe revealing that Trump trusted Russian President Vladimir Putin over American intelligence agencies when it comes to North Korea.

"Unfortunately, they've fallen pretty far, and they keep digging," Wilson explained. "Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) will try to make it into a show trial, as it worked so well for [Rep Devin] Nunez (R-CA) in the House and lost 40 members -- largely because they played let's obstruct justice for the president. This is a great off-ramp. Republicans and conservatives in good conscious need to say this guy says he believes Vladimir Putin over the entire American intelligence apparatus. This guy doesn't just behave like maybe he's compromised. Right now in the eyes of McCabe and [James] Comey, who are serious people, who are these cartoon figures --"

"Who are Republicans!" exclaimed Wallace.

"Serious guys, you know, they're all looking at all of Trump's behavior that's public and the things they know in private that we don't even know about yet, intelligence intercepts, et cetera, and they're asking if Donald Trump isn't compromised by Vladimir Putin, how can you tell?" Wilson asked. "At every turn, he takes Russia's side, defends them constantly, engages in behavior and policy that help Russia and Putin over and over again. It's an off-ramp. I don't think they will take it, however."

Wallace noted that for those who care about the GOP brand, she wondered when someone would turn to these other Republicans like special counsel Robert Mueller, James Comey and Andrew McCabe and "I'll trade you one crazy now technically obese president on the omelette line for those three guys."

Watch the commentary below: