Florida Democrat reads Trump official the riot act for dismissing reports of sexual assaults on migrant kids in camps
Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL), Jonathan White -- screenshots

A Florida Democrat blew up at official from Donald Trump's administration on Tuesday for attempting to dismiss reports of migrant children being sexually assaulted while being held in government custody because the alleged assailants are outside contractors.

Discussing a report that showed evidence that there have been dozens of sex abuse allegations made against the Department of Health and Human Services contractors who oversee children separated from their parents, Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) asked Jonathan White of  the Office of Refugee Resettlement to explain what has been going on during his watch.

“Together, these documents detail an environment of systemic sexual assaults by staff on unaccompanied children,” Deutch charged.

“These documents demonstrate over the past three years there have been 154 staff-on-unaccompanied-minor, let me repeat that: staff-on-unaccompanied-minor allegations of sexual assault,” he continued. “This works out, on average, to one sexual assault by HHS staff on an unaccompanied minor, per week.”

"Those are not HHS staff in any of those allegations," White replied before adding, "So that statement is false."

As Deutch attempted to speak, White raised his voice and talked over him.

Regaining control, Deutch shot back that the alleged attackers are “the people that HHS staff oversees. I will make that clarification. It doesn’t make what happened any less horrific.”

Watch the video below: