GOP will be unable to escape voters angry over Trump's tax refund scam -- 'They know they've been had': WaPo columnist
A Trump supporter threatens to burn down Revolution Books in Berkeley, California (Screen cap).

The Washington Post's Helaine Olen wrote a blistering opinion piece Friday, where the writer blasted the GOP for their weak defense of an unpopular tax bill that middle class Americans are struggling with this month as they see lower refunds.

"Note to Republicans: When you need to scold Americans on how they handle their money, you lose," she wrote.

"Tax refunds are down more than $5 billion from this time last year, according to an analysis performed by Investor’s Business Daily," Olen continued. "Republicans assumed Americans would become converts when they saw they were getting a slightly bigger paycheck, after withholding tables were recalculated in early 2018. They assumed wrong."

Middle class taxpayers across America are fuming at their lower-then-expected returns this tax season, and many are blaming the GOP. The only people not upset, it seems, are the very wealthy and corporations, as the Post notes Friday.

"As millions of Americans grapple with their smaller-than-expected refunds, they are hearing more and more about the big winner of the tax-reform scam: corporate America," she wrote. "Amazon owed zero corporate income tax last year, and as Axios reported earlier this week, General Motors, which made $11.8 billion in profit last year, filed for a refund of slightly more than $100 million."

The Post continued: "There is no argument the Republicans can come up with to get around this reality. It’s not just that getting into arguments with people about human nature is a loser’s’s that the GOP tax scam was always designed to benefit one group and one group only — the richest and wealthiest among us."

Olen ends her OP-ED by channeling the anger of working class Americans getting smaller than expected returns this year.

"Little wonder majorities of Americans say they support raising taxes on the highest earners and the wealthiest Americans....they know they’ve been had," she said.

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