CNN's Bakari Sellers destroys Trump defender blowing off Manafort charges as 'petty crimes'
Bakari Sellers on CNN (Screen cap)

On Thursday, political commentator Bakari Sellers slammed President Donald Trump's former campaign strategist David Urban during an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper.

In light of Trump confidant Roger Stone's trial, Sellers argued that Trump is surrounded by criminals.

"What do you think it says, though, about the president that more than just a few people he has chosen to surround himself with are known liars and felons?" Cooper asked Urban.

"It's obviously not a great situation by any stretch of the imagination. But what Paul Manafort did is a petty crime. Wire fraud, and bank fraud. It's things that don't relate to the campaign at all," Urban said.

Sellers then called him out and said that if the roles were reversed that Republicans would be up in arms about it.

"To my Republican friends, the only thing I can ask you is what happens if this was President Obama or President Clinton? You would be literally pulling your hair out on TV, calling them anything but a child of God to have all of these individuals around him which are felons," he said.

Sellers then listed some of the felons that Trump is surrounded by.

"Roger Stone is a criminal. You have Paul Manafort who is a criminal. Rick Gates is a criminal. The list goes on and on and on. How many felons do you want around him? Six or seven? What's enough?

Watch below via CNN: