CNN's Van Jones blows up Trump supporter's feeble defense of embattled AG Whittaker: 'I feel like I'm talking to a child'
Van Jones (CNN/screen grab)

CNN's Van Jones said that sitting on a panel with former Trump campaign strategist David Urban felt like he was talking to a "child" on Thursday.

During a panel discussion hosted by CNN's Jake Tapper, Jones explained the significance of acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker refusing to appear in an oversight hearing unless he was guaranteed not to be subpoenaed.

"Whitaker is a tough guy," Jones said. "He is no shrinking violet. He can defend himself. But the idea that we're going to have brinkmanship now on everything, brinkmanship on the wall, on the budget, on hearings, it doesn't make any sense."

Urban then pointed fingers at House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and blamed him for Whitaker's action.

"Nadler moved the first chess piece," Urban said.

"I feel like I'm talking to my children most of the time. He started it. No, he started it," Jones told Urban.

"Van, it's clear here. Who made the first move, Nadler or Whitaker?" Urban asked.

Jones explained that it doesn't matter who started the fight and noted that the political system is acting "dysfunctional."

"I'll tell you the same thing I tell my kids. Who is going to make the responsible move now?" Jones said.

"My point is this. It doesn't matter who started this completely insane process that we are in of complete dysfunction. Where grown people are saying I will not come and talk to you unless you do it my way," Jones said.

Watch below via CNN: