If David Pecker is charged in Bezos blackmail plot it’s very bad news for Donald Trump — here’s why
Donald Trump speaks to reporters/Screenshot

On Friday, CNN contributor Gloria Borger warned that more bad news could be knocking on President Donald Trump's front door in light of a National Enquirer attempt to blackmail Jeff Bezos.

Bezos, Chief Executive at Amazon Inc and The Washington Post, published a blog exposing that the National Enquirer threatened to blackmail him if he did not squash an article on the verge of being published in The Post that investigated the tabloid.

Borger told CNN's Brooke Baldwin that the National Enquirer's past deals with Trump will all become "discoverable" if prosecutors find that they violated a previous non-prosecution deal.

"If they are charged criminally everything becomes discoverable, including their relationship with Donald Trump, it will all be opened up," she said.

Watch below via CNN.