'If you ever find yourself wondering if Trump is 'dumb' or 'racist'-- the answer is 'all of the above': Seth Meyers
Seth Meyers talks about Donald Trump's handling of hurricanes/Screenshot

On Monday, comedian Seth Meyers ridiculed President Donald Trump over his latest racist tweets and comments.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) announced her run for president and called out Trump for being the outcome of a broken political system.

"He is the latest and most extreme symptom of what has gone wrong in America," Warren said.

Meyers then joked about what she meant.

"Basically what she is saying is that Trump is not the disease but the symptoms. Actually, he is a bunch of symptoms. He is basically what you would see on the back of a pill bottle. May cause inflammation, excessive sweating, hair loss, discoloration of the skin and dryness of the mouth," he joked.

Moments after Warren announced her presidential run, Trump tweeted out an offensive comment about Native Americans regarding the Trail of Tears.

"This tweet is actually racist, but there are some conservative debating that it wasn't about the trail of tears because Trump doesn't know what that is," he said. "There actually defending Trump by saying he is to dumb to be racist."

"If you ever find yourself wondering if Trump is 'dumb' or 'racist' the answer is C , 'all of the above."

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