Internet explodes in rage after 'insane' Trump uses racist accent to imitate China's president
Chinese President Xi Jinping (left) and American President Donald Trump (right). Image via Wikimedia Commons.

During his speech announcing a national emergency declaration Friday, President Donald Trump appeared to affect a fake Chinese accent to imitate China's President Xi Jinping — and Twitter users were immediately outraged at how racist it was.

When discussing illegal drug use in the United States, Trump brought up an anecdote in which he claimed President Xi told him China executes drug dealers.

"Their criminal list, a drug dealer gets a thing called the death penalty," the American president said. "Our criminal list, a drug dealer gets a thing called, 'how about a fine.'"

"When I asked President Xi — I said, 'Do you have a drug problem?' No, no, no," Trump continued.

Noting that China has 1.4 billion people, Trump said he asked why the country doesn't have a "drug problem."

"I said, 'Why?'" Trump recounted. "'Death penalty. We give death penalty to people that sell drugs. End of problem.'"

Many on Twitter said they were troubled by the president appearing to imitate the accent of a foreign leader.

"That fakey Chinese accent was racist [as f*ck]," Dr. Esther Choo, a popular science commentator, tweeted.

"Is Trump recommending the death penalty?" another user wrote. "And is he mimicking an Asian accent?"

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