'Worse than the Super Bowl and lower scoring': Internet unloads on stupidity of Trump's #SOTU
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

The internet was pre-gaming President Donald Trump's State of the Union Address with frustration and annoyance. That was no match for the anger once the speech finally began, however.

Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty recalled the area of the room known as "ass kisser's alley," where those who want camera time and a handshake from the president line up. For tonight, count on people like Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to be at least one of them. It will be curious to see if any of the three members in the so-called "Pariah Caucus" will be among those reaching for a handshake.

Activist Jeff Tiedrich noted that the bar for the president was so low we could hardly look at it:

Others found it a little inappropriate that a president under criminal investigation probably shouldn't be delivering an address tonight.

Meanwhile, elected women decided to wear white to signify the suffragette movement. The decision was to celebrate the influence women had in the 2018 election.

Trump's daughter Tiffany also joined in the movement:

Others in advocacy communities did the state of their own union with regard to their issue. The network Logo did one about the state of the LGBTQ union:

But it was Pelosi that stole the night with her facial expressions:

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