‘Isolated’ Trump increasingly irrelevant as Congress works while he plays at rallies: CNN's Lockhart
CNN's Joe Lockhart (Screen cap).

CNN's Joe Lockhart on Tuesday delivered a brutal analysis of President Donald Trump's decision to hold a campaign rally in El Paso, Texas even as a bipartisan group of lawmakers hammered out a deal on border security to stave off another government shutdown.

"I was really struck last night by watching the split screens how isolated the president is," Lockhart said, referring to footage of Trump's rally that took place alongside news about a bipartisan government funding deal. "You had Democrats and Republicans getting the work done... Down in El Paso, you had the city council passing a resolution saying, 'Stop lying about El Paso!' You had the fire chief saying, 'Stop lying about the size of the crowd.'"

In contrast to these public officials, said Lockhart, Trump looked totally out of touch with reality.

"You had the president living in a year of almost three years ago giving the same speech about a manufactured crisis," he said of the president's rally. "The rest of the world is moving on, and he's going to have to decide if he's going to participate in this, or if he's going to continue, in a petulant way, shutting the government down."

Watch the video below.