Ex-US Attorney Bharara questions why Trump hasn't fired his 'TV lawyer' Giuliani: 'It boggles people's minds'
Preet Bharara speaks to CNN (screen grab)

On Friday, former US Attorney Preet Bharara said that it was mind-boggling that President Donald Trump has fired other staffers except for his lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

In an article for the New York Times, Trump admitted that Giuliani was wrong about comments made about a potential Trump Tower in Moscow, Russia.

“Rudy has been wrong a little bit. But what has happened is this: I didn’t care,” Trump told The Times. “That deal was not important. It was essentially a letter of intent or an option.”

"Why is the president being represented by someone who the president himself says has been wrong?" CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked Bharara.

"That's a great question. It has been asked repeatedly," Bharara responded. "It boggles a lot of people's minds that you have somebody representing not just any high profile person, but the sitting president."

"By the client's own reckoning, that lawyer is making misstatements and that lawyer has had to withdraw statements and sometimes makes statements that are not in the interest of the client," he said.

Bharara added, "I don't understand why that representation continues. I don't understand why the president fires other people who are competent but retains this lawyer.

He then suggested that Trump likes how Giuliani fights the press.

"He likes somebody who is punching back at reporters who suggest things that the president doesn't like. Rudy Giuliani is basically the TV lawyer. The real lawyers are operating behind the scenes," he said.

Watch below via CNN.