'It's not true': Fox News' Shep Smith wallops Trump for continuing to lie about his border wall
Fox News host Shepard Smith. (Screenshot)

On Tuesday, Fox News Shep Smith quickly fact-checked President Donald Trump for continuing the narrative that a wall at the US-Mexico border is already being built.

At a rally in El Paso, Texas, Trump proclaimed that the wall was being built, despite the fact that lawmakers reached an agreement over the border wall that if approved would prevent another government shut down.

Trump said he was not happy at "first glance" when reviewing the proposal.

"The bottom line is -- we are building a wall," the president told reporters.

Smith said that Trump was incorrect on his assertion about the progress of the border wall.

"That's incorrect," Smith said. "He's been saying it for a while now but it's not true. The facts are these. Workers have replaced and repaired sections of the existing wall and fences, but so far they have not built anything new. Construction is set to begin on a 14-mile extension in the Rio Grande Valley later this month."

Smith added, "An agreement in Congress could create 55 miles of new fencing and barriers. No wall. That is if it passes in Congress, and if the president signs it. Even then it's ten miles less than what lawmakers offered the White House last year. Long before the government shut down."

Smith then noted that Trump continually lied about the impact of a border wall in El Paso, Texas even after the mayor rebuked his false claims.

"The president said the wall in El Paso where he was having a rally turned a violent city safe. County officials passed a resolution condemning the president of the United States for that inaccurate assertion," Smith said.

Watch below via Fox News: