'All lies': NYTimes columnist Charles Blow walks through Trump's forgery of being a rich and successful businessman
New York Times columnist Charles Blow (Photo: Screen capture)

New York Times columnist Charles Blow crushed the president for creating a reality for the world to see, while behind the scenes it's nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

The CNN panel discussion addressed the unbelievable fundraising President Donald Trump has done in his first to years in office. Most presidents don't begin to fundraise until it gets closer to the election. Trump began fundraising as soon as possible.

"I believe it underscores the lie he told the first time around, right?" Blow told CNN host Ana Cabrara. "'I don't need money! I'm rich! I can do this.' We found out in recent reporting that, no, he was broke and going to Deutsche Bank because he was giving the campaign so much money that he did not have. It was costing him money, limiting his projects."

Cabrara noted that Trump has now begun asking supporters for money, despite claiming that he could fund his campaign with the $3 billion he says that he's worth.

"I get that, but I just think we have to -- all of this -- the wall is theater for baiting white people against people who are not white," Blow said. "The lies he told about the success and stature of the man and the acumen he had as a deal maker. All sorts of thing, all lies. It's almost hard to debate what he's saying because we know it's all lies."

Cabrara asked if Blow thinks Trump has managed to fool the rest of America with such lies. He said that some Americans have been fooled, but even some who support Trump know that he's nothing more than another Wizard of Oz fallacy.

"Some people, this is exactly what they want," Blow said. "We know most people in the country illegally did not come over the southern border. They came on legitimate visas, overstayed their visas, and are here somewhere. Many of those people are not brown."

He went on to flatten Trump for continuing to send troops to the U.S-Mexico border when all that many of those soldiers do is sit around with nothing to do.

"You keep sending more troops to the southern border because of the brown people. You want to build this wall, this monumental white supremacy as a Medieval wall along the border because it's about brown people," Blow continued. "I don't believe that people are as naive, that they can be fooled so easily and that they're just being tricked because he can create theater. Some of that may be true."

He said that there are also those who "get their backs up" about people of color in the United States. It's obviously not the majority of Trump supporters, but many of them.

"None of this is a mystery to me. All of it adds up to the same thing, which is an anti-blackness, anti-brownness, anti-muslim. It's the same thing," Blow explained.

Watch the commentary below: